Friday, January 13, 2012

Please don't do dates and times like this!

So, you might have read my last post.

And, that covered only one website, namely

The problem is much, much worse than that. So, this is what happened.

I downloaded the free Camtasia Studio trial for 30 days, and I really, really enjoyed it. But, like all other trials, its time came, it prompted me to drop some Franklins or it wouldn't let me use it. And, I was about to close out the application (hey; I didn't actually need it), when I thought maybe I would try making my system time go back a bit, and see if that did anything.

And it did.

It happily pretended like it was 1/7/12 instead of 1/13/12, and I could continue to use my trials for another 6 days (and, after that I could repeat the same trick again, or, I could just sent it farther back to begin with). That struck me that maybe a lot of other applications depend on system time.

And, I promise you, there are a LOT of them.

Skype is a big one, if you move your time back, and look at Skype conversations and enter in a new one, it goes back onto old conversations.

So, please, please don't get dates and times from the system! You need to get them from a synchronized UTC timeserver.


  1. yay! There are several others, but, I didn't mention them, since I didn't want to stop using them ;)

    I'm pretty sure Rebtel is one, as well.